DPP Issue 13 Photo Contest – Photojournalism and Action

DPP is interested in seeing your best Photojournalist images and also your best Action/Sports images.

The details:

  1. Photojournalism - If you want to get printed in the magazine, make sure that your photo(s) tell a story. A portrait of a street kid or old man or woman is not photojournalism in our opinion, unless it tells a story. It has to tell a story. DPP suggests that you also title your story.
  2. Action / Sports - this is self explanatory.
  3. How many photos – DPP will allow THREE images per category so if you want to submit to both categories then you can turn in six images. Since they are allowing three per category this gives you more leeway. If for instance you have three documentary images that tell one story, and if they like it, they will print all three in a triptych. If you have two of the same and they like it then they do diptych.
  4. Deadline – June 10, 2007 with no exceptions. If they contact you, they allow five days for submission with no exceptions again. DPP delays in release often times are due to delays in Readers Gallery submissions so they are announcing earlier than usual and being more firm with deadlines.
  5. Right of refusal - Getting contacted doesn’t mean you get published. They make the final decision after evaluating all the submissions.
  6. Direct Submission – DPP noticed that submissions flood in heavily normally during the last three days before cutoff. This may be our habit of doing things at the last minute but they also know that some readers do not want to share their images in a public forum for the fear of being copied. If that is the case, then they will accept direct submissions to their office. Don’t ask them where their office is located because if you buy DPP magazine, all the information is there.

Last thing: Reader’s Gallery topics doesn’t necessarily mean that the main articles in the magazine will be the same topic. They might be but don’t necessarily have to be.

Good luck to everyone!

– Nick Tuason of  DPP

DPP Issue 13 Photo Contest – Photojournalism and Action – Rules + Q&A

DPP Issue 13 Photo Contest – Photojournalism and Action – Gallery (Upload your photos here) 

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