Lomo Cameras For Sale by Jennie Castillo

Everything Lomo

Jennie Castillo of Everything Lomo has these lomo cameras in stock:

  • Holga 120N
  • Holga 120CFN
  • Holga Starter Kit
  • Lomo Colorsplash Camera
  • Fisheye 1
  • Fisheye 2
  • Colorsplash Flash
  • One rare Zenit LC-A (like new condition)

For prizes and more info, check out Everything Lomo or just contact Jennie Castillo at 0918 5182923.


  1. leslie hernandez says:

    hi, are these items still up for grabs? can you pls. upload pics of the cams and the specs..and the price also if you can. thanks. you can email them to me at leslieannehernandez@yahoo.com

  2. Hi Leslie!

    You can check out Everything Lomo at http://everythinglomo.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for dropping by ;-)

  3. Aubrey says:

    hi! which of these cameras can you refer to me as a beginner.

  4. Hi Aubrey!

    Most of the Lomos are pretty easy to use. Just try to figure out which type of shots you’d like to get as there are fisheyes, super samplers, underwater and panoramic photos types.

    I’ll try to have some lomographers drop in and give you some insights.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  5. zerocool says:

    hi can a lomo colorsplash camera take a photo under water? i want a camera that could capture a nice shot while surfing?thanx

  6. Hi ZeroCool,

    Colorsplash by itself couldn’t take photos under water. You can try using a transparent waterproof camera bag or get a waterproof lomo cam such as Frog Eye which is waterproof up to 4m.

  7. zerocool says:

    hi,i just wanna ask kng paano po ba ang transaction pg bmili sa inyo ng fisheye2? mg mmeet po ba?

  8. zerocool says:

    which would you recommend the fisheye1 or the fisheye2? whats the dif?

  9. carmina says:

    hi. availabe pa ung holga? how much? and the fish or frog eye? mgkano?

  10. pat says:

    hi…i really dnt have any background about lomography…but when i was start browsing bout it…i’ve been interested…what do you prefer for me as a beginner??

  11. joanna cruz says:

    for sale pa po ba ang camera?

  12. ishy lopez says:

    hi..im interested in buying lomo camera..lalu na after holidays!=)
    ate jen..ano po pede nyu irecommend skin..im a newbie..but i think fish eye is cool!plz reply..thnx!

  13. rea says:

    hi.. im interested in buying a holga cam. which holga cam can u recommend for a beginner like me?? thanks
    Are ur holga cam still up for grabs? how much is the cheapest??

  14. Ninea Andoy says:

    Are you still selling lomo cams? :|

  15. Hi, I’m very interested in buying Holga 35mm. I’m just a beginner and I want the vintage effect. what camera do you prefer that is on the P2000-3500 range? haha, tight kasi ung allowance eh. incoming freshie sa college and i think kelangan ko ng gantong hobby to survive college. so please please could you help me out?

  16. Leslie says:

    hi.! do you have pink hokga.? text me if you have (09159037086).


  17. Teresa says:

    I want to buy a holga 120n. Any color will do but if you have a black cam, I would prefer that. Please text me asap(09277383888). Thanks so much.
    looking forward to your reply.

  18. Teresa says:

    May I also know what’s inside the package of 35mm adaptor and the 35mm panoramic adaptor? Can the back cover of those packages used for a 120n camera? Please reply as soon as possible. I am buying from you. :)

  19. Mark says:

    Hi may Diana F+ and Diana Mini po kayo pa send po sa e-mail ko yung price pati narin po pala yung flash.

  20. dianne says:

    hi! im interested in buying diana mini. i haven’t seen that in ur blog. pls contact me. i already added u up in ym..pls pls pls. thanks it’s urgent coz it’s for our anniv! thanks!

  21. Mark says:

    Hi Im interested too sa Diana Mini. How much. Please send the price to my e-mail. Thanks =).

  22. bria says:

    hello :) meron pa po bang price for these cams? i’m having the thought on buying one :) super need it :) :(

  23. angie says:

    do still have a fisheye 1 or 2 lomo cam available? am intetrested to buy one.. thanks!

  24. Chie says:

    Hello there! Do you still have the DIANA EDELWEISS I’m interested in buying that one, thanks! :)

  25. aireen.nang says:

    Can i ask how much is the lomo camera and what do you suggest or a beginner like me?

  26. ayra hernandez says:

    hi!available pa din ba yung mga camera…do you still accept orders?

  27. sarah sacramento says:

    Hi, I saw a lomo cam sa isang shop in trinoma. It was using films…I am wondering if may lomo’s na digi (like minimo). :)

  28. naomi says:

    hi ask ko lng po kung how much ung holga 35mm… tnx…

  29. tracy says:

    hi,, do you have digital lomo camera?… minimo? thanks

  30. richard says:

    hello .. are you still selling the Lomo Colorsplash Camera? may I know how much it is ? And also the specs ? thanks .. :D

  31. jak says:

    hi! im very interested in buying a lomo cam in a while and im eye-ing the holga 120n..the thing is i know nothing about lomo cams other than it takes wonderful photos! i mean if i where to purchase one,where do i buy films,like is it the same as the regular ones?? how much a film costs and where to buy??? please please help me!..thanks!

  32. Tracy says:

    Hi! I’m from Bicol. I would like to ask if you accept shipping of Lomo Cameras? If so, how much does it cost?

    Thanks! I’m really interested in Lomography.

  33. Anne says:

    Hi! Can you specify the price and specs of these cams??

  34. shen says:

    hi,the lomo starter kit,is it still available?very much interested here..

  35. candy says:

    hi, i’m very much interested in Fisheye 1 Lomo Cam, how much is that? thanks!

  36. rubi says:

    hi, is holga 120 n stl available? am interested on it.

  37. Vinjo says:

    Hi there i’m interested in buying a lomo cam, the diana f+.
    is it still available?
    and i just wanna ask kng paano po ba ang transaction pag bumili ako sa inyo?

  38. Ynez says:

    Hi, do you sell Diana Mini with Flash? How much, if ever?

    Actually I’m super just new in this lomography stuff…can the Diana accommodate a 35mm film? I really like the effect of old films.

    Thanks a lot.

  39. Chloe says:

    Hi, is Holga 120N still available?

  40. Rovy says:

    Is the Vivitar Ultra Wide And Slim still available? I wonder if you can give me the exact price if you can ship it or have it delivered? Please also include a place where I can buy the film for the camera. Thanks so much! I’m planning on investing in a vintage camera collection. :)

  41. Ellia Baguio says:

    Hi. Do you still have the Fat Lens camera? What about the fisheye and the Holga?

  42. jhe says:

    im selling my colorsplash lomo camera, only used like 3 times in 2 months. still with box and all its accessories and extra film.. bought it last august 2011. :) if anyone is interested, contact me 09174908030. thanks!

  43. Erika Alcantara says:

    Hi! Is the Minimo-X Digital Camera still available? :) Thanks

  44. keyo tungupon says:

    hi do you have an instagram account?

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